Jiawei Han, Micheline Kamber, Pei Jian - Data Mining. Concepts and Techniques. [PDF]

Analyzing large amounts of data is a necessity. Even popular science books, like “super crunchers,” give compelling cases where large amounts of data yield discoveries and intuitions that surprise even experts. Every enterprise benefits from collecting and ana- lyzing its data: Hospitals can spot trends and anomalies in their patient records, search engines can do better ranking and ad placement, and environmental and public health agencies can spot patterns and abnormalities in their data. The list continues, with cybersecurity and computer network intrusion detection; monitoring of the energy consumption of household appliances; pattern analysis in bioinformatics and pharma- ceutical data; financial and business intelligence data; spotting trends in blogs, Twitter, and many more. Storage is inexpensive and getting even less so, as are data sensors. Thus, collecting and storing data is easier than ever before. The problem then becomes how to analyze the data. This is exactly the focus of this Third Edition of the book. Jiawei, Micheline, and Jian give encyclopedic coverage of all the related methods, from the classic topics of clustering and classification, to database methods (e.g., association rules, data cubes) to more recent and advanced topics (e.g., SVD/PCA, wavelets, support vector machines). The exposition is extremely accessible to beginners and advanced readers alike. The book gives the fundamental material first and the more advanced material in follow-up chapters. It also has numerous rhetorical questions, which I found extremely helpful for maintaining focus

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