LPIC-1. Linux Professional Institute Certification. Study Guide. Fifth Edition. 2020. [ENG,PDF]

Linux has become one of the fastest-growing operating systems used in server environments. Most companies utilize some type of Linux system within their infrastructure, and Linux is one of the major players in the cloud computing world. The ability to build and manage Linux systems is a skill that many companies are now looking for. The more you know about Linux, the more marketable you’ll become in today’s computer industry. The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) has developed a series of certifications to help guide you through a career in the Linux world. Its LPIC-1 certification is an introductory certification for people who want to enter careers involving Linux. The exam is meant to certify that you have the skills necessary to install, operate, and troubleshoot a Linux system and are familiar with Linux-specific concepts and basic hardware. The purpose of this book is to help you pass the LPIC-1 exams (101 and 102), updated in 2019 to version 5 (commonly called 101-500 and 102-500). Because these exams cover basic Linux installation, configuration, maintenance, applications, networking, and security, those are the topics that are emphasized in this book. You’ll learn enough to get a Linux system up and running and to configure it for many common tasks. Even after you’ve taken and passed the LPIC-1 exams, this book should remain a useful reference.

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